Why Choose Us?

Albony work hard to build and maintain strategic relationships with many leading companies in the IT industry such as major distributors, original equipment manufacturers and related service providers countrywide.  These relationships are to serve several purposes:

We are a compact but well-formed team thus we like to think our compact team size is a strength in that you do not have to deal with the complicating layers or divisions of corporate structure.

We are committed to listening and collaborating with you using the most appropriate and cost-effective technologies to achieve and further your competitive edge.

We are competitive because we know operating in an open economy means our products and and services must stand-out when compared to other providers or freelancers in other low-cost economies in the region. We do this by delivering better value in terms of quality and costs.

We strive to build long term relationship by treating every job and project, no matter how small or big, like our own. We invest in resources to participate in these jobs because we want you to succeed, and then take pride in that our success is also linked to yours.

All relationships are on a non-exclusive basis. This allows Albony the freedom to propose the best solution for each customer situation.